8.5×3.5 Note Pads



8.5×3.5 Note Pads – 25 and 50 sheet pads

4×6 note pads are printed on one side in full color CMYK inks.  Take your branding across the board and utilize your custom 8.5×3.5 Note Pads for shopping lists, reminders, phone calls, etc.  Add full color graphics and important information to your 8.5×3.5 Note Pads to send a note to your clients within packaging and letters as added value to your messages and packages.  Add coupon codes or offers in your own hand writing for that extra personal touch, your clients will love it.

How Many Note Pads

50, 100, 250, 500, 1000

How Many Sheets Per Note Pad

25, 50


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