Soft Touch Business Cards 38pt with Hot Foil Stamping


Soft Touch Business Cards 38pt with Hot Foil Stamping – Duplexed Stock

  • Turnaround time 12-14 Business Days
  • Full Color 1 or 2 sides
  • 38pt laminated duplex business cards
  • Coated White Stock
  • Optional Rounded Corners
  • Optional Painted Edges
  • Several Foil Colors Available
  • *Includes $80 credit per set for re-order

Soft Touch Business Cards 38pt with Hot Foil Stamping – Duplexed Stock

Hot foil stamping is an amazing addition to any business card.  Hot foil stamping on our 38pt soft touch business cards is a luxury.  It is defined by a separate file that is a 100% black silhouette of the object, graphic or type on your card and saved alone.  This is achieved by taking the original design, removing all that you do NOT want foil on the card and change all that is left to 100% black.  Vector files are best for the foil files and it is best not to place any foil along the edges of your cards to avoid any bleeding of the edge paint if selected, unless foil covers across the entire edge.

These business cards are created by attaching two cards together in a process called duplexing.  Duplexed business cards are double the thickness of their base 19pt card stock.  It’s recommended that you also choose edge painting to hide the seam where the 2 cards come together.

38pt soft touch hot foil business cards take about 12-14 business days to complete the full process of print, duplex, dry time, trim and edge painting if requested.  We carry more in-house edge colors than any other company in the world.  You are sure to find a good edge paint to match your colors.  We don’t color match the edges, but we do provide CMYK color formulas to help you choose a color for your design.  With a nice sized surface, the edge paint finish on the 38pt soft touch hot foil will be seen for miles, well maybe a few feet away, but that’s a thick business card.

Download file preparation templates for creating your files with our exact specifications.  You will be able to choose between Illustrator and Photoshop templates.  If you have questions about the templates, you can contact our art department through our contact form.

Size: 6 sizes to choose from

  • Full Color 1 or 2 sides
  • 38pt soft touch hot foil
  • Laminated and Duplexed White Stock
  • Optional Rounded Corners
  • Optional Painted Edges
  • Turnaround time 12-14 Business Days

Current print schedules can be acquired by request through our contact form.  We always suggest that you request samples prior to making your purchase or start with a small quantity to test your design work on.  Our 38pt soft touch business cards stock can vary in color from run to run, however the feel and finish of this card stock is why so many clients request it.  If you are unsure of what you want to order please request samples from our sample request page above.

Need a good design but don’t have the design know how?  You can have us design a custom design for you or you can checkout over 16000 GREAT business card designs to choose from for just a few bucks.  We can update that design with your information for $20 extra if you need us to.


**Custom Color Request as a foil color selection may incur added cost.

*Price includes $80 1 sided foil and $120 2 sided foil credit per set of cards purchased towards die costs.  You will receive a coupon code for  future purchase toward you next order.  Only one die credit can be used per new set of cards.  Must be exact same foil design to be useful or will not apply to any new orders.


1000, 10000, 250, 2500, 500, 5000

Card Size

1.5×3.5 Skinny, 1.75×3.5 Slim, 2.16×3.3 Euro, 2×2 Mini Square, 2×3 Shorty, 2×3.5 Standard

Round Corners

No, 1, 2, 3, 4

1 or 2 sides printed

1 side, 2 sides

Edge Painting

No Painted Edges, Black – C0 M0 Y0 K100, Gold Metallic, Copper Metallic, Old Copper Metallic, Nickel Semi Metallic, Sage Green – C60 M30 Y65 K5, Grass Green – C100 M0 Y100 K15, Hunter Green – C85 M40 Y10 K40, Lime Green – C50 M0 Y100 K0, Green Apple – C30 M5 Y70 K0, Light Green – C70 M25 Y80 K0, Dark Green – C75 M45 Y65 K30, Army Green – C50 M40 Y85 K15, Moss Green – C50 M20 Y90 K0, Ocean Blue Green – C90 M40 Y35 K0, Light Aqua – C30 M0 Y7 K0, Blue – C95 M75 Y20 K5, Bright Blue – C100 M40 Y0 K0, Light Blue – C45 M15 Y0 K0, Wild Blue – C75 M55 Y5 K0, Grey Blue – C60 M40 Y25 K1, Light Grey – C0 M0 Y0 K25, Dark Grey – C40 M25 Y35 K5, Lilac – C40 M40 Y0 K0, Grape Purple – C60 M85 Y0 K0, Dark Pink – C10 M90 Y35 K0, Candy Pink – C1 M35 Y1 K0, Light Pink C0 M36 Y3 K0, Red – C15 M100 Y100 K5, Dark Red – C30 M100 Y100 K25, Paprika – C25 M100 Y85 K20, Dark Orange – C25 M95 Y100 K20, Orange – C0 M65 Y100 K0, Sun Yellow – C3 M3 Y100 K0, Light Yellow – C2 M10 Y60 K0

How Many Sides Foil

1 sided, 2 sided

Foil Color

Gold, Satin Gold, Copper, Chrome Silver, Black, Red Metallic, Blue Metallic, Green Metallic, White, **Custom Color Request