Clear Roll Labels – BOPP


Roll Labels – Clear BOPP

  • Soda and Beer Bottle Labels
  • Medical Pill and Cannabis Packaging Labels
  • Paper Bag Products Labels
  • Window Stickers/Automotive Labels
  • Actual Product Labels
  • Any dry none corrosive or smooth surface
  • Turnaround Time – 2-4 Business Days

Roll Labels – Clear BOPP

Printed on CLEAR BOPP (polypropylene) which is a type of thin plastic paper type stock.  Printing is done in full color and prints vibrant and crisp.  Our Custom Roll Labels – Clear BOPP come in a wide range of custom sizes.


There are 2 files to provide, one is the color print file, the other is the die line.  The die line is the outer edge of the cut.  You can create this outer edge with simple line art.  It’s always best to have at least 1/8th of space between the important info on your labels and the edge of the label.  SIZING: Your files must be “within” the available sizes.  If you have a design that is 4×5 inches in approximate size, then you select the 5×5 option.  The label can be any shape within a 1/16th inch radius tolerance. 


These Custom Roll Labels – Clear BOPP can be printed in 2 different ways, with or without a white under print patch.  The white under print is designed to make colors more vibrant and less see though on the clear base.  Where you want there to be white ink, you will prepare your art work with a color print file and a separate file for the white patch.  White can also be the color of the label print if you plan on placing the label on a dark background.  Color can also be printed on top of the white ink and it is not required to cover all the white patch as part of a design concept.  Custom Roll Labels – Clear BOPP are perfect for applications requiring a see though label to expose the product.

Used for:

  • Soda and Beer Bottles
  • Medical Pill and Cannabis Packaging
  • Paper Bag Products
  • Window Stickers/Automotive
  • Actual Product Labels
  • Any dry none corrosive or smooth surface

Turnaround Time is about 4 Business Days.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


1000, 10000, 15000, 20000, 250, 2500, 500, 5000

Label Size

1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5

Blind Shipping

NO, YES, ship without PremiumCards info on labels


Circle, Oval, Rounded Corner Square, Rounded Corner Rectangle