18×24 Posters 100lb Gloss Book



18×24 Posters 100lb Gloss Book

Our 18×24 Posters are available in quantities of 500 all the way up to larger quantities of 20000 posters.  Used for so many different occasions and products our range of quantities are sure to fit your presentation requirements.  18×24 Posters are printed in full color CMYK soy based inks and finished in a Aqueous Luster Coating.  Printed on 1 side only, the size of the 18×24 Posters are also perfect for using as book covers and slip covers.  Boxing posters, event posters, product posters all have a place somewhere and still have a strong advertising presence.  Vibrant colors make photographs and graphics print remarkable in high resolution output.

To assure a clean and dynamic output, it’s best to use the highest resolution possible for the graphics you want to reproduce.  When creating your files for your 18×24 Posters, you want to start with an image or graphic that is already at least 18×24 in size or larger.  It’s never a good thing to take a small image and make it larger to fit the print.  It typically will lose resolution and pixelate.  The best files for large output are Vector Files.  Vector files are line based graphics that can be enlarged to any size you desire without losing resolution.  Typically, vector based graphics do not contain photographs or scanned images unless they are embedded within the files.  If images are embedded, they should be highest resolution possible (300dpi max) and to the size requirement.  Do not embed images that are larger than the actual print without reducing their size before you embed them.


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